Magenta Of The Neon Party


“Magenta of The Neon Party” is a small yet remarkably visible abstract painting that contributes to the vibrant ensemble known as “The Neon Party Series”. It commands attention with its dynamic use of bright colors and intricate net-like double-layered composition. The dominant hue that steals the spotlight in this artwork is a stunning shade of magenta transitioning into fuchsia pink.

This painting exudes energy and excitement, capturing the essence of a neon-lit party in full swing. The bold and electrifying use of color creates a visual spectacle that engages the viewer’s imagination and evokes a sense of celebration.

Despite its modest size, “Magenta of The Neon Party” is a captivating presence within “The Neon Party Series.” Its vibrant colors and intricate design make it stand out in any space, adding a touch of vivacity and creativity to your surroundings.

As you explore the world of “The Neon Party Series”, you’re invited to discover its siblings: “Teal of The Neon Party” and “Green of The Neon Party”. Each painting in this series offers a unique visual journey, a celebration of color and form that can enliven any setting. Together, they create a vibrant artistic ensemble that sparks joy and captivates the senses.

Whether you choose to showcase “Magenta of The Neon Party” on its own or as part of this colorful trio, it promises to infuse your space with dynamic energy, making it a conversation starter and a visual delight.

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Neon Party series


30 x 30 cm


magenta, red

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