The Staircase


A graceful geometrical abstract painting that dances with the interplay of light and shadow. With a palette of two delicate shades of pink and creamy white, it creates an atmosphere of serene elegance.

In this artwork, the staircase becomes a metaphor for life’s journey. As you stand beside it, hidden in the shadow, your eyes follow the steps as they lead towards the sun’s radiant embrace. It’s a captivating scene, inviting you to explore the play of light and shadow, just as life unfolds in unexpected ways.

This unique perspective immerses you in a world of geometry and contrast. Each shape, rendered in soft hues, adds to the minimalist beauty of the piece, creating a serene ambiance that stirs the senses.

This tender geometrical abstract painting offers a deep reflection on the dance of light and shadow, inviting you to uncover the beauty born from the arrangement of shapes. It’s a visual journey that encourages contemplation, awakening your senses to the artistry within.

Currently exhibited, these artworks can be seen at Strada del víno in Prague, located at Pštrossova 1708/34, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1. For inquiries or to plan your visit, you can reach the venue at T: +420 730 154 515. For more information on my current shows, please check my events page. The information is also available on my Instagram and Facebook.


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100 x 100 cm


abstract expressionism, conceptual, geometric, minimalism