The Sea 2022


An abstract painting that captures the view of the sea from a sandy coast. It transports you to an abandoned corner of a desert, where a solitary dune offers a spectacular vista. Standing in this expansive landscape, one feels incredibly small, an insignificant speck in the face of such grandeur.

The painting invites you to experience the overwhelming beauty of the natural world. As you gaze upon it, you can almost feel the embrace of nature, the warm air enveloping you, the shimmering sounds serenading your senses. It’s a moment of profound connection, where you let the beauty of the world overwhelm you, breathing in the hot air and basking in the sun’s radiant energy.

This canvas is a reminder of the transformative power of nature, a call to cherish and celebrate the beauty that surrounds us. It beckons you to stand in awe of the vastness of the world, to let nature’s hug envelop you, and to be captivated by the boundless beauty that exists in every corner of our planet.

And a couple kilometres away from this point there was my Balcony April 2022.

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acrylic, mixed media


100 x 100 cm


abstract expressionism, conceptual, minimalism, nature


blue, brown, ocher, ochre, white


grainy texture