The Balcony April 2022


An abstract geometric painting that invites you to step into a quiet corner of a balcony, bathed in soft, diffused light and adorned with subtle shadows. This corner, a place where I’ve spent countless nights lost in thought, immersed in books, and lost in dreams, holds a special significance for me.

What struck me most about this corner was the way its edges seemed to take on different hues, shifting with the changing light. Although constructed from the same material and painted in the same shade, the play of light and shadow lent a unique character to each edge. This subtle detail, almost imperceptible at first glance, captured my imagination, prompting me to translate it onto a grand canvas.

This particular balcony belonged to a hotel room on a memorable family trip to the seaside. It was a space we shared, a place where we came together as a family to create cherished memories. “The Balcony April 2022” encapsulates not just the play of light and shadow but also the warmth of family bonds and the beauty of shared experiences. It serves as a testament to the power of observation, where even the most seemingly mundane details can take on a profound significance when seen through the eyes of willing contemplator.

And a couple kilometres away from here there was a viewpoint where I captured the scene for the piece The Sea 2022.

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acrylic, texture medium


100 x 100 cm


abstract expressionism, conceptual, minimalism, nature


blue, gray, grey, ocher, ochre


grainy texture