Teal Of The Neon Party


An expressive abstract painting, ‘Teal of The Neon Party,’ bursts with dynamic bright colors and features a net-like double-layered composition. The dominant color palette shifts to a cool and inviting teal, reminiscent of a refreshing poolside atmosphere. Within this vivid seascape, colorful dots intermingle like playful confetti, creating an association with a joyous celebration.

Despite its smaller size, this artwork commands attention and captivates the viewer with its lively and energetic ambiance. ‘Teal of The Neon Party’ is not alone in its revelry; it’s part of ‘The Neon Party Series’, which includes its vibrant siblings, ‘Magenta of The Neon Party’ and ‘Green of The Neon Party’. Each piece in this series contributes to a visually dynamic and festive collection that invites you to explore the exuberant world of abstract art.

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Neon Party series


30 x 30 cm


green, pink, purple, teal

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