The Dusty Summer III


Welcome to ‘The Dusty Summer III,’ the mesmerizing conclusion of the triptych journey, where we continue to delve into the essence of summertime in the bustling metropolis. This artwork masterfully builds upon the dynamic interplay of vibrant colors and textured brushstrokes, transporting you to the heart of a city pulsating with the heat of summer’s climax.

As you step into this canvas, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the vivacious energy of urban life during the warmer months. Bold, expressive strokes evoke the shimmering heat rising from sun-soaked streets, while the rich palette continues to paint an exuberant portrait of a city that reaches its zenith in the summertime.

Yet, ‘The Dusty Summer III’ is not merely a sensory experience—it marks the culmination of a captivating visual narrative. It seamlessly follows the footsteps of its predecessors, ‘The Dusty Summer I’ and ‘The Dusty Summer II,‘ weaving together the themes and impressions created by the artist throughout the triptych.

Beneath the surface, this series carries a deeper narrative—the sense of belonging to the city. It’s an artistic exploration of the artist’s profound connection with the urban landscape, whether it’s the grandeur of her native Moscow or the charm of her current home in Prague. This ambiguity encourages viewers to reflect on their own relationships with the cities they hold dear.

With every brushstroke, ‘The Dusty Summer III’ captures the quintessential essence of urban life during summer, conveying unique stories on each corner of the canvas. As you gaze upon it, you’ll experience the culmination of the narrative—an enchanting tale that ties together the themes explored in the triptych.

The painting is the final chapter in this artistic journey, beckoning you to immerse yourself once more in the artist’s exploration of the vibrant cityscape during the summer season. Whether you’ve felt the electric energy of summertime firsthand or yearn for the vibrant atmosphere of urban life, this painting offers a captivating conclusion to the narrative that unfolds across the triptych’s canvas.

Explore ‘The Dusty Summer Trio’ series, and add it to your collection of contemporary cityscape art.

You can experience the vibrant energy of ‘The Sun Beam’ series up close and personal. Currently, the artworks are on display at Kavárna Pražírna in Prague, located at Lublaňská 676, 120 00 Praha. For inquiries or to plan your visit, feel free to contact the venue at +420 720 385 622. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the sunny charm of these pieces within the cozy ambiance of the café.

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40 x 40 cm


blue, yellow


The Dusty Summer Trio

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