Unusual Tools


An abstract painting made with tools untypical for the artist, like a fork, fingertips, paper napkins or bottle caps, as well as with untypical colors that the artist does not normally use – black, green and orange.

This departure from the norm results in a composition that challenges the boundaries of conventional artistry, offering a fresh perspective on creativity and pushing the limits of what is possible. “Unusual Tools” invites viewers to explore the unconventional and embrace the beauty of artistic experimentation.

Paper Type: Fabriano Pittura Acrilico grana fina cold pressed 400 g/m2

Currently, the artwork is on display at Kavárna Pražírna in Prague, located at Lublaňská 676, 120 00 Praha. For inquiries or to plan your visit, feel free to contact the venue at +420 720 385 622. For more information on my current shows, please check my events page. The information is also available on my Instagram and Facebook.

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40 x 40 cm


abstract expressionism, conceptual, geometric, minimalism, modern