Zebra – Duality (print)


An abstract print reflects the theme of the duality of life.

Amidst the stark monochrome backdrop of this abstract print, the theme of the duality of life is vividly depicted. Within the intricate black and white composition, a striking burst of color emerges as a focal point, symbolizing the vibrancy inherent in our existence.

As your eyes traverse this piece, you’ll be captivated by the juxtaposition of opposites. The bold, contrasting tones of black and white evoke the eternal interplay of light and darkness, while the sudden eruption of vibrant color embodies the moments of brilliance that punctuate our journey.

This artwork serves as a visual reflection on the intricate balance between opposites. The precise placement of the colorful graphic element amidst the monochrome expanse invites contemplation on the harmony and tension that define our lives.

In this abstract print, I’ve harnessed the power of contrast to highlight the duality that shapes our world. It invites you to explore the intricate dance between the stark and the vivid, offering a canvas for your own interpretations and a glimpse into the complex beauty of existence.

The print holds a special significance as it was created in collaboration and used for the Met.a.phorum participatory theater project by Rehearsal for Reality z.s. in cooperation with Heinrich Boll Stiftung Prague. The print served as a visual narrative for the project, enriching the experience of the audience at Studio ALTA, Prague, on 14 May 2022, and NaZemi Brno on 23 June 2022.

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70 x 70 cm

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