Wall – Peace (print)


“Wall – Peace” is a captivating abstract print that transports you into the realm of contrasting emotions—peace and war. This artwork invites you to contemplate the tranquil sensation of a summer wall, dappled in the shade of a nearby tree. However, this shadow defies convention; it’s not a simple gray hue as one might expect, but instead, it bursts with vibrant and unexpected colors.

Within this composition, the dichotomy of peace and war unfolds. The serene image of the summer wall bathed in colorful shadows symbolizes the longing for tranquility and harmony. The vibrant shades within the shadow allude to the complexity of the human experience, where even in moments of peace, the memory of conflict may linger.

The interplay of light and shadow within ‘Wall – Peace’ serves as a poignant metaphor for the contrast between war and the yearning for peace. It’s a visual exploration of the emotions that emerge when confronting the dualities of our world.

As you immerse yourself in this piece, you may find it to be a reflective journey into the depths of human emotions. ‘Wall – Peace’ invites you to contemplate the coexistence of serenity and turmoil and to find solace in the vibrant colors that emerge from the shadows, symbolizing the enduring hope for lasting peace in a world marked by conflict.

This print holds a special significance as it was created in collaboration and used for the Met.a.phorum participatory theater project by Rehearsal for Reality z.s. in cooperation with Heinrich Boll Stiftung Prague. The print served as a visual narrative for the project, enriching the experience of the audience at Studio ALTA, Prague, on 14 May 2022, and NaZemi Brno on 23 June 2022.

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70 x 70 cm

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