The Shadow Miracle


The piece captures the essence of a shadow’s miracle on a scorching summer day. This expressive abstract painting was born from a moment of inspiration during a journey through Egypt. As I ventured to capture the breathtaking landscapes from an elevated perspective, I encountered the intense heat and blinding sun. It was then that I turned around and witnessed a remarkable sight beside the stairs I had just ascended (the ones I also depict in my Staircase painting).

In this seemingly ordinary space, something extraordinary unfolded. The coolness of the shadow became palpable to my eyes, offering a refreshing respite from the scorching sun. The scene before me resembled a mesmerizing whirlpool, drawing me in with its enigmatic beauty. ‘The Shadow Miracle’ is a visual testament to that fleeting moment of wonder and relief, where the interplay of light and shadow created a captivating spectacle.

This painting invites you to experience the same sense of awe and intrigue that I felt in that Egyptian oasis. It serves as a reminder of the unexpected miracles that can grace our lives, even in the most unexpected places. As you gaze upon ‘The Shadow Miracle,’ allow your imagination to wander and immerse yourself in the captivating world it unveils.

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100 x 100 cm


abstract expressionism, conceptual, minimalism


beige, black, chestnut, cream, olive, pine, sand, yellow