The Edge I


An expressive abstract painting that embarks on an exploration of the theme of edges. In this piece, vivid contrast colors, a striking clash of yellow and blue, command your attention. The composition mischievously defies convention, provocatively shifting focus away from the expected central point and towards the margins.

My intention here is clear—to draw your gaze towards the borders, borderlines, and frontiers, emphasizing the significance of these often-overlooked edges. It’s a daring confrontation with classical perception, inviting you to uncover the unexpected narratives unfolding at the periphery.

As your eyes roam across the canvas, you’ll find yourself compelled to explore the sides, where intriguing details and stories await your discovery. The edge, which might otherwise be dismissed, becomes the unexpected culmination of the composition.

“The Edge I” conveys the sensation of something vital slipping from your line of sight, much like the playful yet futile pursuit of one’s own shadow or a dog chasing its own tail. It invites you to reflect on the nuances that elude our perception, to embrace the ambiguity of the edges, and to appreciate the beauty in the chase for the intangible.

Explore ‘The Edge II,’ another piece in my exploration of edges, boundaries, and contrasts.

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100 x 100 cm


abstract expressionism, conceptual, geometric, minimalism


blue, yellow

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