The Sun In The Mountains


‘The Sun In The Mountains’ is a mesmerizing abstract acrylic painting that beckons you to explore the profound experience of being confined yet intimately connected with the world. This artwork serves as a visual journey into the emotions of illness, where the inability to move or venture outside is juxtaposed with a poignant connection to the external world.

Within the canvas, the sun’s gentle warmth bathes the snowy mountains in a radiant glow, mirroring the artist’s perception of a world both beautiful and distant. The colors, gentle and subtle, evoke the tender embrace of sunlight on snow, a feeling of quiet awe that the mountains inspire.

Yet, beneath this tranquil exterior lies a deeper layer of meaning. ‘The Sun In The Mountains’ is a profound reflection of personal experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. It captures the artist’s perception of illness, where one’s world is confined to the view from a window. It’s a portrayal of the helplessness and isolation that can accompany sickness.

At the same time, this artwork speaks to the resilience of the human spirit. As you contemplate ‘The Sun In The Mountains,’ you may feel a unique connection to the world outside. It’s a reminder that even in moments of confinement and vulnerability, there is beauty and hope in the world beyond.

This painting invites you to explore the intersection of nature’s beauty and the human experience, where even in the face of adversity, the radiance of hope continues to shine through, and the boundaries between self and world begin to blur.

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70 x 70 cm


blue, olive, white, yellow